Episode 16: Tinkle Pit and Mr. Do!

It’s that time again: another exciting, mammoth blockbuster edition of Pie Factory Podcast! This time it’s about Mr. Do!, which is definitely not related to Dig Dug in any way at all, it looks nothing like that game, nothing to see here…and a ’90s Namco maze game released only in Japan. So get your favorite podcast grabber and enjoy this episode while you visit your tinkle pit! Show notes will be available on http://www.piefactorypodcast.com.

4 thoughts on “Episode 16: Tinkle Pit and Mr. Do!”

  1. Hi guys,
    Love the show. Started listening to it when No Quarter mentioned you. I know you all wish that show would would come back, but as far as I’m concerned your show is the New No Quarter. Keep it up.


  2. Ah ha. 15 minutes after sending my last comment about No Quarter I hear in your podcast they are back! What’s the chances?Anyway re-subscribed.


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