Episode 17: Revolution X and Journey

Rock out with Jim and Sean as they talk about two games, the theme of which being characters with the last name Perry. (And perhaps they should leave the kitchen if they can’t stand the heat? Listen for details!)

OH, CRAP!!!….gave away the theme!! Uhh, never mind! Pretend you didn’t see that!

One thought on “Episode 17: Revolution X and Journey”

  1. Hi there guys just listened to episode 17 and I had to say please please please don’t take notice of some peoples idiotic comments about what your doing on your podcast.I’ve been a long time listener and love the podcast so please don’t feel you have to change anything.I do think some people in the retro community believe you have to know everything about games, the creators publishers who it was licensed to all the technical details they seem to forget that games are meant to be fun.there are thousands of arcade games released in many different countries and nobody has played them all there’s always something new to try.as for not knowing phoenix was an arcade game I only found out the same thing about jungle hunt the other week despite being one of my favourite 2600 games,it would be interesting to hear if anyone else has had the experience.anyway keep up the good work,looking forward to next episode many thanks. Day.

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