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Sean is a web developer whose obsession with the Pac-Man franchise goes back to 1981, when he first played Pac-Man as an 7-year-old who didn't quite understand that you need to eat one of those big, blinking things first before you attempt to eat the ghosts. For one brief moment, he thought he held the world record for Jr. Pac-Man Turbo in October 2012, but it was actually only the second-highest score on record, and even that ranking only lasted under a day. A music buff, you can see Sean posting not only on and as "dauber," but also on various forums that obsess over The Beatles and Brian Wilson. Sean is also cohost of Pie Factory Podcast.

Episode 71: Contra and Ikari Warriors

Jim and Sean were getting lazy and restless with episode 71, so they did what anybody else would do: invite two guests to join them and do all the dirty work. Enjoy this special foursome as they present their intercourse on Contra and Ikari Warriors.


Episode 69: Gravitar and Bosconian

What? You thought Sean and Jim would let January end without you getting another episode in your podcast player?! Pshaw! Here with the long-awaited episode 69 are your beloved hosts waxing philosophical about two early ’80s space games. We’re sure to sell a million units…in January.


Episode 68: Battlezone and Juno First

Everybody’s fourth-favorite midwestern video game podcast hosts have returned from their monthlong tour of Europe, Scandinavia, and the subcontinent with deep thoughts about Battlezone and Juno First. Certainly this episode will go down in history as “The Show Notes Episode.”


Bonus Episode!

Jim and Sean offer you a holiday gift: an extra episode! The Pie Factory hosts aren’t too afraid of…public speaking…to offer one more…broadcast…for 2017. Normally they talk about video games, but this time they get…behind the microphone…another way to talk about a topic pertinent to their past lives. For the…record…this episode’s transmission may make your head spin! We hope you stay…stationary…and don’t get…carted…away! In fact, we hope you end up walking on…the air!


Episode 67: Buster Bros and Blasteroids

The last episode of 2017 brings you two guys talking about two late ’80s games with two…uhhh…something or other. Ooh…and is there a special something for Patreon supporters? Only time will tell.


Episode 66: Lunar Lander and Red Baron

Jim and Sean wax philosophical about two Atari vector graphics games. (And unfortunately, new computer = new audio issues, for which they apologize.) Are Sean and Jim stealing No Quarter’s “Novecter” idea? Only time will tell, but listen for details…if any!