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Episode 15 (part 2): Space Duel and Pac-Man

Jim and Sean continue their deep discussion about Pac-Man and recap their feelings about Space Duel. Part 2 begins with a very important message about something we both take very seriously, and we implore you to please pay close attention. Afterwards, celebrate Sean’s birthday with the PFP fun and special surprises!


Episode 15 (part 1): Galloping Ghost Arcade, Space Duel, and Pac-Man

We are proud to offer this mega-episode. Part 2 will be up in two weeks, but for part 1, we have a pretty exciting talk with Galloping Ghost’s Doc Mack. The rest of the show is a bit lop-sided toward Space Duel, but that’s only because Pac-Man is so monumental that we required literally more than an entire episode to talk about that one game that spawned a cultural phenomenon that has yet to show any hint of going away. We hope you’ll enjoy this one. Oh, and…do Jim and Sean finally settle their “Galaga” argument?