Episode 18: Crazy Climber and Fix-It Felix Jr. 

On a very special Pie Factory Podcast, Sean wounds Jim’s inner child, and they talk about it. Oh, wait, never mind…that’s another episode. In this one they just talk about [pseudo-?] arcade video games.


Episode 17: Revolution X and Journey

Rock out with Jim and Sean as they talk about two games, the theme of which being characters with the last name Perry. (And perhaps they should leave the kitchen if they can’t stand the heat? Listen for details!)

OH, CRAP!!!….gave away the theme!! Uhh, never mind! Pretend you didn’t see that!

Episode 16: Tinkle Pit and Mr. Do!

It’s that time again: another exciting, mammoth blockbuster edition of Pie Factory Podcast! This time it’s about Mr. Do!, which is definitely not related to Dig Dug in any way at all, it looks nothing like that game, nothing to see here…and a ’90s Namco maze game released only in Japan. So get your favorite podcast grabber and enjoy this episode while you visit your tinkle pit! Show notes will be available on http://www.piefactorypodcast.com.

Episode 15 (part 1): Galloping Ghost Arcade, Space Duel, and Pac-Man

We are proud to offer this mega-episode. Part 2 will be up in two weeks, but for part 1, we have a pretty exciting talk with Galloping Ghost’s Doc Mack. The rest of the show is a bit lop-sided toward Space Duel, but that’s only because Pac-Man is so monumental that we required literally more than an entire episode to talk about that one game that spawned a cultural phenomenon that has yet to show any hint of going away. We hope you’ll enjoy this one. Oh, and…do Jim and Sean finally settle their “Galaga” argument?

show notes page is at http://www.piefactorypodcast.com