Episode 25: post-Valentine’s Day…”special”

Jim and Sean veer into, well…potentially NSFW territory…for one episode as they play Puzznic (Japanese version, we’ll just leave it at that), Lady Killer, and Miss World ’96 Nude for research purposes. Yeah…Research purposes! That’s why! History!


Episode 21: Home Consoles II

A late Christmas or Hanukkah present…or on-time Kwanzaa or Mystery Day of Christmas present…or early New Year present…from Sean and Jim! In one of the longest episodes of the podcast so far, Jim and Sean talk with a special guest (hint: watch your language!) about their all-time favorite console, the Atari 7800. Also, Sean tells his famous Lone Ranger story…but can he get Darlene Love to sing on the show? Listen to find out!

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