Episode 73: Turbo and I, Robot

It’s Monday! And when a new episode of Pie Factory Podcast comes out on a Monday, it means Monday’s FUNday, Charlie Brown! In their last episode before Midwest Gaming Classic, Jim and Sean discuss, well…two arcade games and reveal a common theme. Duh. If you’re in Milwaukee, come to MGC and see us in the vendor hall. (Or at least visit the statue of The Fonz.)



Bonus Episode!

Jim and Sean offer you a holiday gift: an extra episode! The Pie Factory hosts aren’t too afraid of…public speaking…to offer one more…broadcast…for 2017. Normally they talk about video games, but this time they get…behind the microphone…another way to talk about a topic pertinent to their past lives. For the…record…this episode’s transmission may make your head spin! We hope you stay…stationary…and don’t get…carted…away! In fact, we hope you end up walking on…the air!

show notes page is at http://www.piefactorypodcast.com