Episode 30: Super Zaxxon and Asteroids DeLuxe

Just in time for the end of Sega Week at Galloping Ghost Arcade, Sean and Jim express their abiding love for Sega’s classic Zaxxon sequel. And while they’re at it, they give some time to the little-appreciated Atari vector game. (Oh, and they forgot to mention that they’re on Google Play now. Smart, guys, REAL smart.)


Episode 28: Popeye and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You did it. You survived Monday. You deserve a reward. Here. Have a pie. In fact, have a whole factory of pies. Pie Factory Podcast, that is.

And while you’re at it, get your ticket for Midwest Gaming Classic, where we are proudly joining our friends from Underground Retrocade this coming Saturday. Be there. Or be somewhere else. We will at least try to do some live broadcasts, so please check our Facebook page and the news section of our web site (www.piefactorypodcast.com) before and throughout Saturday for updates!

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