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Pie Factory Podcast

Episode 102: Looping and Space Panic

In this episode, Jim and Sean study the intricacies of the contrapuntal philosophies of the next-generation trends of the upper echelon and how they relate to the hoi polloi’s intrapersonal struggle with the id and the superego. Or…was that another episode?? Hmm…well, this episode talks about either that or a couple of old video games called Space Panic and Looping; we don’t remember for sure.


Episode 101: Pac-Man Plus and Head On 2

You know…we recently released episode 100, and, well…we loved doing 100 episodes so much, that we’ve decided, heck with it…let’s do 101! So here we are again with an Exciting New episode for your listening, uhh….experience? Yeah, let’s go with that.